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Kirsten is a mixed media artist, graphic designer, and marketing specialist residing in Raleigh, North Carolina. A native of Northern New York, she has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Design, concentrating in sculpture and graphic design, from the State University of New York at Potsdam, located in Potsdam, NY.

Focusing on planet sustainability, Kirsten has a passion for using repurposed materials, especially recycled paper, and other discarded items to create her mixed media artwork and home decor. Kirsten believes in using resourceful, outside-the-box solutions to lead us towards a happier, healthier planet, communities, businesses, and everyday lives. 

In the Fall of 2021, Kirsten left the "corporate" in-house marketing/graphic design world to pursue limitless possibilities as a full-time artist. In late 2022, Kirsten decided to rebrand from Sola Bee Artistry to Kiki Piper as she continues to evolve her niche as she emerges onto the art scene. 

"I have always hidden behind a name. Whether it was another company or my own business with a brand unattached to my own identity. I guess I felt that being me wasn't good enough. But now it is time to take off the mask and be me.

Kiki Piper."

When Kirsten is not busy creating, she enjoys spending time with her family and two dogs, exploring North Carolina greenways, and baking sweet treats.


Kiki Piper


Owner and artist, Kiki Piper, shares her background, passions, and inspirations as a paper artist and creative specialist. Explore the purpose behind her work and the unique processes found throughout her projects and solutions. 

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"Creating has always been an integral part of my life ever since childhood. My mother could tell you about my first mural titled "Mailman," made with permanent marker on unfinished drywall. (She has been my #1 fan ever since). Growing up, I found myself always doing something creative, whether it was a comic book class, a performing arts camp, or coming up with an invention in the garage. I guess I never grew out of it. I am constantly engaging in projects, tinkering with new materials, or rattling off idea after idea as they swirl around in my head. The flow never shuts off."


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