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"Beauty is everywhere. It is my purpose to create beauty and wonder with everyday materials, to remind all that we can create from anything, and to inspire others to open their eyes and see how much love this world can hold. There is magic in this world and inside each of us, and my mission is to wake it up." - Kirsten Moore, Owner

Based in Raleigh, NC, Kiki Piper officially opened for business during the COVID-19 pandemic using an online presence as the primary source of promotion and exposure. 

Future plans for Kiki Piper include establishing a physical presence at local markets and vendor events, offering both online and local art classes, as well as launching a blog that covers topics on creativity, sustainability, and spiritual growth.


Founded in 2021, formerly Sola Bee Artistry, Kiki Piper is an online art gallery and store, showcasing original artwork, prints and products, artisan home goods, and upcycled decor that emphasizes sustainability by using primarily recycled paper as a medium along with other repurposed materials.

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