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Woman rising above a group of hands pulling her back
Breaking Away
2023 | 36" x 47" 
magazine paper and acrylic on canvas
"Breaking Away" depicts a middle-aged woman being unclothed by a purple satin cloth as she rises up above a hoard of hands grabbing at her to pull her back down.
The painting "Breaking Away" is a representation of the ancestral collective pain-body of the feminine community. Breaking away from the chains of centuries of oppression, violence, and pain brought upon women by society, which continues today despite years of revolution. Not only is this a physical war on women, but a spiritual war that many women battle inside that comes out as hormonal imbalances and mental illness. 
From personal experience,  dealing with the cyclical pains of premenstrual dysmorphic disorder (PMDD) and then leading into perimenopause, Kiki Piper was forced to face this demon and learn to no longer identify with the rage and pain it brought.
Kiki encourages viewers to relate to the painting, whatever the pain or suffering they may be facing and too need to break away from. Not only exemplified by the hormonal journey but other major transitions in life including love, death, careers, and more, Kiki aims to capture the essence of liberation and empowerment as one steps into her power and sheds the weight of the past. 


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