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Reflections of Roxanne

2023 | 18" x 24"
magazine paper and acrylic on canvas

"Reflections of Roxanne" superbly captures the serene essence of maritime life at the harbor next to historic Adam's & Knickle Fishing Company in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. This unique work of art stands out for its innovative use of recycled magazines, pieced together with masterful precision to create a textured and lively surface that breathes new life into the conventional painting medium.


At the heart of the composition lies Roxanne, a quaint white fishing boat proudly bearing her name on the hull. The boat's name, distinctly written in bright red color draws the eye, symbolizing the vibrant spirit of the hardworking fishing community. Kiki has harnessed this bold hue of the fishing building to juxtapose against the tranquil blues of the sky and harbor waters, striking a visual balance that sings with color and life. The acrylic paint used by the artist enhances the overall composition, with meticulous brushstrokes that bring out the glistening reflections on the water's surface.


"Reflections of Roxanne" is a contemporary yet timeless piece, inviting observers to a moment of quiet contemplation, with the gentle sway of the boat and the calming expanse of the blue sky above while embodying a harmonious symphony of color and substance. 


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