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Divine Awakening-1-3.jpg
Divine Awakening

2023 | 18" x 24"
magazine paper and acrylic on canvas

"Divine Awakening" is a transcendent paper painting that captures the profound moment of serenity and self-realization and depicts a woman enveloped in the gentle embrace of tranquility, her countenance reflecting the soulful journey she has traversed to arrive at an understanding of simply 'being'.

The woman's eyes are closed in a gesture of introspection, suggesting her inward gaze upon the landscape of her own spirit—a world where chaos has given way to clarity, and noise has been hushed by the whispers of enlightenment. 

Through the use of delicate details and a layering of paper, Kiki Piper imbues the canvas with a palpable sense of calm, mimicking the ethereal quality of a dream state where every breath is a ripple across the still waters of the soul.

"Divine Awakening" is not just a visual piece but an invitation to the observer to pause, reflect, and connect with the deeper currents of existence, celebrating the profound liberation that comes from the act of embracing one's own peace.


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