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Daily Doses-1-2.jpg
Daily Doses

2023 | 16" x 20"
magazine paper and acrylic on canvas

"Daily Doses" is a compelling and introspective painting that delves into the profound implication of the emotions we internalize and the impact they have on our being.

The woman depicted is rendered with sincerity and vulnerability, captured in the act of letting the dropper release its bitter contents. With each drop, her physical form subtly assumes the hue of the negative energy she consumes – a striking shade of blue that spreads and deepens with every dose. This transformation is a metaphor for the permeation of negativity into the psyche and how it manifests in one's aura and demeanor. Kiki Piper utilized a palette of blue tones in contrast to a warmer background, that vary from the lightest, almost imperceptible wisps to more pronounced and consuming shades, mirroring the insidious nature of negative emotions that gradually overtake one's essence.

This painting is not only a representation of the battle with inner demons but also a call for mindfulness. It asks the viewers to be conscious of the energies they permit to enter and influence their being. The act of the woman self-administering these drops is a poignant reminder of the control we have over what we let affect us – a reminder that the emotional and energetic diet we indulge in is our own responsibility and choice.


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