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Birch In Snow-3.jpg
Birch in Snow

2023 | 18" x 24"
magazine paper and acrylic on fiberboard

"Birch in Snow" captures the quiet cusp of seasonal change as winter gives way to the stirrings of spring. Set in the picturesque North Country of New York, this painting evokes the silent beauty of the seasonal transition.


Kiki's choice of a color palette—rich with oranges, blues, and purples—imbues the scene with an ethereal glow. The warmth of the orange hues permeates through the winter chill, blending with purples and blues to evoke a sense of the waking earth as it anticipates the thaw. The background softly whispers of the dense forest, where hints of life are beginning to stir amidst the cool, quiet snow.

"Birch in Snow" invites the observer into a contemplative space—encouraging one to pause and reflect on the rhythms of nature and life's perennial beginnings. The silent serenity of the scene is palpable, as if the viewer could almost reach out and touch the cool bark of the birches or hear the hushed sound of snowflakes settling on the forest floor.

This piece is a tribute to the resilience of nature and a reminder of the gentle yet inexorable passage of time, as witnessed through the enduring presence of the birch trees standing sentinel over the shifting seasons.


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